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Seniors: Quick safety tips to keep your home hazard-free

by Morgan Milzow & Ford, Realtors® 06/18/2024

Seniors face increasing risks of injuries as they get older. When you have a senior member of your household, it's important to make sure your home is safe for them. If you're the senior in your home, try these safety measures:

Eliminate fall hazards

Falls are one of the top causes of serious injuries. Go through your home and remove any items posing as a tripping hazard, which includes removing or heavily securing area or throw rugs. Also, make sure cords are safely secured along walls rather than running across your floor. Stairways should be well-lit and have no debris or items on the steps.

Improve bathroom safety

Bathrooms can cause injuries due to slippery surfaces. You can make the bathrooms in your home safer in several ways, such as installing grab bars near toilets and in shower stalls. Bathroom floors should have a slip-resistant mat in the tub to prevent slipping and falling, as well as a secure mat to step onto once exiting the shower or tub to avoid slick wet floors.

Other safety measures might include having a walk-in shower installed instead of a regular bathtub, since these are easier to get into and out of and placing a bathing chair in the tub or shower, if needed.

Improve kitchen safety

Rearrange your kitchen so items can easily be reached in cabinets and cupboards. You might want to install cupboard organizers you can pull out of cabinets and cupboards to make items easier to access, as well.

Keep emergency contact numbers handy

Make sure emergency contact numbers, such as 911, Poison Control and healthcare providers, are kept in a handy area, such as on the fridge, which ensures all house members have quick and reliable access to them in the event of an emergency.

Check stair railings and banisters

Stair railings and banisters should be in good condition to reduce the risk of falls on stairs. Tighten any loose banisters and railings in your home, and replace any in bad condition.